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How to Keep Pace as Mortgages Go Digital

How to Keep Pace as Mortgages Go Digital

July 10, 2020 | Insights Blog Editor

How Lenders Can Use Automation and Digitization to Be More Competitive

The mortgage industry is experiencing unprecedented change. A changing market environment and rapidly evolving homebuyer demands are shifting the way lenders and loan servicers do business. And paper-intensive, time-consuming processes are becoming more and more digital. Are you keeping pace with this changing industry — and your competition — while still serving the needs of your customers?

In partnership with National Mortgage News, Equifax thought leaders have created a series of videos, articles and a podcast that explain how to use automation and digitalization to your, and your borrowers’, benefit. Looking for ways to uncover more in-market leads? We talk about it. Want to know how to supercharge your loan servicing? We’ve got you covered. Get ready to learn how to make faster business decisions, improve the homebuyer experience, and so much more with our Ask the Experts series below.

VIDEO: How mortgage lenders leverage data to gain market share

National Mortgage News and Craig Crabtree of Equifax sit down to discuss how tech-savvy mortgage lenders leverage data and analytics to help drive efficiencies and gain market share. 

Balancing act

Lenders need the right tools and expertise to serve both the digital and traditional consumer. Millennials, the largest generation in history, are growing up and settling down. But baby boomers are also on the move. Learn how mortgage lenders can bridge the generation gap and serve the full spectrum of borrowers. Read the article

PODCAST: How Millennials are reshaping the mortgage industry

National Mortgage News and Wendy Hannah-Olson of Equifax discuss how the mortgage industry is transforming to be more digital — and how traditional lenders can grab more of the Millennial market. Listen to the podcast

VIDEO: How mortgage lenders can provide a higher standard of service

National Mortgage News and Tanja Cleve of Equifax sit down to discuss how third-party verifications can improve the borrower experience. [embed][/embed]  

Humanizing the digital mortgage experience

Combining high-tech with high touch is key to engaging today’s borrowers The more borrowers demand lending speed and efficiency, the higher the value they place on interactions with their loan officer. Are you creating a seamless experience for home buyers as they toggle between online and personal interactions? Read the article

Faster, safer, more profitable

The value proposition of third-party verifications for digital mortgage processing Even in today’s digital age, mortgage lending is still often overwhelmingly paper-based. But third-party verification technology can help speed up the process. Learn how to cut days off the loan cycle and improve the borrower experience. Read the article

How to find your target customer in the overwhelming sea of data

Unearth “in-market” leads to power your sales and marketing departments “In-market” leads are the Holy Grail of marketing. Learn how to find these coveted prospects in a seemingly growing jungle of consumers — even when they’re buried under mountains of data. Read the article

VIDEO: How mortgage servicers can use data as a competitive advantage National Mortgage News and Tom Ciulla of Equifax sit down to discuss how data and analytics can be leveraged to help anticipate market opportunities. [embed][/embed]  

Supercharge your servicing operations

Four ways automation can help you service loans faster, cheaper and more safely Even as mortgage originations become more digital-based, the servicing side of the business has been slower to shed the paper-based processes. Learn four ways automation can help make your loan servicing more efficient. Read the article

At your service

Leveraging data to meet servicing demands In the highly commoditized world of loan servicing, profit margins are tight. Therefore, servicers must operate in the most efficient manner possible. The right data and analytics can give you the insights you need to become a value-added resource for customers. Read the article

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