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Make sense of complex, raw credit data and power up your models with best-in-class Consumer Attributes from Equifax. Our curated solutions offer a more detailed view of consumer behavior across the credit lifecycle from targeting to acquisition, account management, and recovery. Save time and money by using our turnkey solutions or engage our team of experts to develop custom attributes for your specific use cases. 

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Boost Model Performance with Consumer Attributes

Our comprehensive Consumer Attributes portfolio is built on proven, alternative, and trended data, and is driven by innovative, patented analytic techniques.

This powerful portfolio of more than 7,000+ cloud-native credit attributes helps improve predictability and performance by tapping into alternative data attributes — so you can uncover unbanked, underbanked, and emerging consumers not found with traditional consumer credit files.
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Level Up Your Models

Key Benefits

Equifax is the first to build and manage attributes in the cloud, setting a new standard for security, scalability, cost-efficiency and flexibility.

  • Boost performance and enhance predictability with over 7,000 attributes across more than 60 industries

  • Improve attributes management from testing to production leveraging Equifax’s rigorous governance and control protocols

  • Expand and scale as your business grows and improve speed to market with periodic new attribute development

  • Keep up with regulatory changes, economic conditions, and industry trends as we continuously update our attributes solutions

The Industry’s Most Expansive Portfolio of Attributes to Meet Your Goals

Our industry experts and data scientists have built our Attribute Library to be our most powerful, predictive set of attributes yet. Choose this package for a broad set of credit attributes, or choose our Essentials package for a smaller set of our most requested attributes. 
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Loan Product-Specific Attributes
We have also created loan product-specific attribute packages to help you get started even more quickly and efficiently. Choose from: 
  • Communications & Digital Media
  • Credit Card
  • Unsecured lending
Market-Driven Attributes
To support your organization in managing pressing challenges the industry is facing now, our risk advisors have curated Market-Driven attribute packages. Choose from: 
  • Ability-to-pay
  • Accommodation
  • Early payment default
  • Inflation and rising interest rates
  • Student loan deferment
Trended Attributes
Our Trended attribute packages are best to understand credit behavior over a period of time. Choose from:
  • Activation and periodic spending
  • Payment behavior and debt reduction
  • Transactor-Revolver
  • Trended
Alternative Data Attributes
Equifax offers Alternative Data attribute packages to gain a valuable, more complete picture of consumer behavior beyond the traditional credit report. Choose from:
  • Consumer-permissioned banking
  • Specialty finance — DataX
  • Specialty finance — Teletrack
  • Telco and utility
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