Use Alternative Data to Evaluate Credit Risk

Look beyond the traditional credit score to uncover hidden risk and opportunity
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Extend Credit to More Consumers with Confidence

To remain adaptable and drive growth, lenders need the most comprehensive consumer view possible to optimize offers and inform their decisioning. Layering insights that go beyond the traditional credit score, like using alternative data to evaluate creditworthiness, can help you reduce unscorable consumers by up to 60% — and approve over 20% more applicants.

Equifax Alternative Data Delivers a Deeper Consumer View

Multi-Data Score
Access a range of alternative data and traditional credit insights in a single score
Telco & Utility Data
Payment Insights
Expand your view with consumer-permissioned data on recurring payments
Employment & Income Data
The Work Number®
Leverage income and employment data from over 2.9M employers
Bank Transaction Data
Cashflow Insights
See 24 months of consumer-permissioned account balance, spending, and income data
Specialty Finance
DataX Credit Report
Analyze behavior on alternative payment types like cash, checks, money orders, and more

Smarter Lending Starts with Expanded Visibility

Alternative Data Helps You Drive Growth Without Increasing Risk Exposure
Discover Hidden Opportunities
Our proprietary alternative data helps give insight into 77M thin-file or credit-invisible consumers — so you can expedite underwriting and help increase approval rates.
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Mitigate Hidden Risks
Data used in alternative credit scoring models can help uncover potential signs of risk earlier to better assess the likelihood of repayment.
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Industries We Serve

Financial Services

Expand access to credit while effectively mitigating risk in your portfolio


Get insight into financial capacity to find and target high-potential consumers


Increase auto loan approvals by up to 67% compared to traditional risk scores

Mortgage & Housing

Enhance and accelerate decisioning on mortgage and rental applications


Better assess new applicant risk to reduce write-offs and improve profitability

Communications & Utilities

Better assess new applicant risk to reduce write-offs and improve profitability

Retail & E-Commerce

Optimize DDA acquisition with a wider view of consumers

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