CreditStyles Pro

Differentiate households based on their estimated credit behavior, availability, needs, and usage

Product Overview

CreditStyles Pro offers a suite of measures based on aggregated credit data that enables marketers and analysts to differentiate households based on their likely credit availability, needs, and usage.

CreditStyles Pro is best used for customer and prospect analysis to identify target segments based on consumers' expected credit behaviors. It enables marketers and analysts to gain insight on all types of credit usage including bank cards, retail cards, consumer finance, and various mortgage type loans.

Key Benefits

  • Enables firms to better understand consumer behaviors across the customer lifecycle based on estimated credit availability, needs, and usage
  • Better identifies households with a specific need with criteria and event-based indicators
  • Better represents households' credit usage by de-duplicating individuals on joint and shared accounts
  • Developed for use in non-FCRA applications including prospecting, targeting, and account management
  • Updated quarterly, enabling timely data on estimated credit use
  • Can be accessed real-time or appended to any customer or prospect file

Applying CreditStyles Pro to Your Business

  • Gauge expected credit use for individual households and groups of households
  • Better identify households that are likely to have a propensity to acquire new credit or a propensity to inquire or respond about a new line of credit
  • Segment potential leads pre-acquisition as well as develop appropriate treatment strategies post customer acquisition
  • Identify cross-sell opportunities and develop appropriate offers, marketing strategy and messaging
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