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In an uncertain economy, businesses are inclined to pause. Our recession readiness insights can help your business plan so your operation is resilient and prepared for whatever is next.

Economic indicators point to the need for recession planning

Increase in consumer borrowing year over year

Increase in some delinquencies

Jump in monthly debt commitment from lifting student loan accommodations

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Protect and Grow your Business by Uncovering Hidden Risks and Opportunities

  Limit Risk


 Monitor market trends
Stay ahead of market volatility by using trended credit data and market analysis.
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 Review accounts more frequently
Closely monitor your portfolio to spot changes that may increase your risk or alter your consumers’ needs.
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 React quickly with alerts
Minimize risk exposure by using real-time or near real-time alerts to changes in customers’ financial situations.
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 Find Growth Opportunity


 Understand consumers’ financial durability
Use holistic views of household’s ability to weather financial stress, to spot customer growth opportunities.
View Financial Durability

 Find high-growth customer segments
Use consumer financial insights to develop relationships with potential customers. 
View ways to attract young affluents

 Target Potential Customers Smarter
Grow by finding new customers to acquire without increasing your risk.
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Our Experts Help You Put It All Together- Recession Planning Options

Now is the time to be proactive. Be recession-ready throughout the business cycle.

  1. Implement risk management strategies to optimize risk mitigation and create opportunities across all your products and services.
  2. Use data-driven insights to review risk across the customer lifecycle.
  3. Incorporate relevant market trends, insights, and updates across economic, technological, and regulatory environments.
Deposit Growth, Part I
Why is deposit growth so important for financial institutions? Equifax Risk Advisor Tom O’Neill asks Marketing Consulting Leader Mark Toro to explain the fundamentals of deposit growth and why it is a top priority for financial institutions in the current economy.

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