Helping People Live Their Financial Best

In 2019, our unique data and analytics help make a difference for millions of people across the world.

In the United States, Equifax played a role in helping:

  • 8 million people in obtaining education loans
  • 13 million people secure mortgages or home equity loans
  • 32 million people get loans to buy a car
  • 89 million people obtain credit or retail cards
  • 30 million people access government assistance programs


Around the world, the difference Equifax makes in a year is just as powerful:

In the UK we helped 850 thousand people purchase a home
In Canada we helped 600 thousand people secure a car loan
In Australia we helped 700 thousand first-time home buyer families
In Latin America we helped 14 Million people gain access to credit
What started 120 years ago as a single grocery store that extended credit to the community, today powers the economies of 27 countries – helping businesses grow faster and more efficiently, and moving people toward their financial goals. People are more than their credit score, so we go beyond the traditional credit report. This means we can give employers more insights, marketers a better way to identify and understand their customers, and lenders a fuller picture of a person's financial life. We help people live their financial best- and that is our purpose.

Equifax Differentiated Data and Analytics Help Improve Access to Credit

Equifax combines unique, differentiated data with cutting-edge analytics to help businesses of all sizes minimize risk and uncover opportunities. We help more people gain access to the credit system by considering both traditional and alternative data sources like rent, utility and phone payments. All of those pieces of information help provide a fuller picture of a person’s financial life, which can lead to more access to credit.

Our unique combination of traditional and alternative data sources helps bring people into the credit system who are currently “credit invisible,” who have thin credit files or who may have had poor credit in the past. This includes young adults who are just starting to participate in the credit economy, including those who are working towards mortgages, auto loans, personal loans and credit cards for the first time, and older workers seeking to mitigate the impact of past credit decisions.

We have also extended our leadership in alternative data through a consumer-permissioned online banking partnership with Envestnet | Yodlee; our utility data partnerships with NCTUE and Urjanet; and our rent reporting relationships with Esusu, MoCaFi and Zingo.

Empowering Consumers by Improving Their Experience
We are on a journey to become the most consumer-friendly consumer reporting agency. Our goal is to improve the consumer experience when engaging with Equifax at every touchpoint. We launched a new interactive voice response system to help consumers resolve issues faster and built a new service center staffed by 120 of our most skilled agents to help consumers navigate complex finance issues and transactions.

We’re giving people more options than ever to help them live their financial best. We introduced the myEquifax platform in 2018, which has grown to serve 6 million subscribers. myEquifax isn’t just about providing consumers with an easy and convenient way to complete tasks such as placing a security freeze, fraud alert, or filing a dispute, it also represents a new opportunity to infuse our purpose in everything we do. It’s an experience that enables us to make sure the millions of people who rely on us every day are able to be successful – no matter what they’re trying to accomplish. To date, Equifax has helped 2 million consumers with free security freezes - enabling them to take control of their financial information.

Leveraging the simplicity and adoption of myEquifax, we created an additional tool to add more value for our consumers. Core Credit is a product that delivers a monthly Equifax credit report and VantageScore® 3.0 credit score based on Equifax data to all U.S. consumers, for free. Since its launch in August 2019, it has 1.3 million subscribers and has provided 200,000 free credit scores.

Equifax also launched a free credit monitoring service for furloughed U.S. federal government employees during the government shut down of 2018-2019. Additionally, we started offering service members free credit monitoring alerts. We continuously monitor for risks of identity theft or fraud while the military member is serving on active duty.

In 2020, Equifax and the other national credit reporting agencies agreed to offer free weekly credit reports to all Americans for the next year to help them protect their financial health during the sudden and unprecedented hardship caused by COVID-19. The free reports became available via starting on April 20, 2020.

We are committed to helping people know more about their credit and finances. In the past year, there have been almost 3 million unique visits to our Education Center where people can find information on everything credit - credit reports and scores, credit protection and credit management. We aim to help consumers make smarter decisions so they can continue to live their financial best.