What have the Nationwide Credit Reporting Agencies (NCRAs) changed with respect to medical collection debt on consumer credit files? Why are the credit bureaus removing paid medical collections debt from credit reports? How will my credit score be impacted by the changes in medical collection debt reporting? I have medical debt that was sent to a collection agency - does that appear on my credit reports? When you remove the debt will you send an updated copy of my credit report? I have information on my Equifax credit report that is a result of being a victim of human trafficking. What can I do? I just received my free Equifax annual credit report from annualcreditreport.com. Will I be entitled to an additional copy of my Equifax credit report? How do I correct or dispute information on my Equifax credit report? How long does information stay on my Equifax credit report? How do I get a copy of my child's credit reports? After a relative's death, do I need to contact each nationwide credit bureau? Do any Equifax products provide access to a free credit report? What if I don't recognize an inquiry on my credit reports? Where can I find my credit scores? How can I get a free Equifax credit report? How can I prevent errors on my credit reports? What can I do if I believe my credit file has been mixed with someone else's? Can I add a statement to my Equifax credit report? Who can view my Equifax credit report if I have a security freeze or credit report lock? Am I better off placing a fraud alert, requesting a security freeze, or obtaining a credit report lock? Can Equifax assist consumers who are deaf or hard of hearing? How does credit reporting work? I received a credit report alert from one or two of the nationwide credit bureaus, but not all three. Why did this occur? Does placing a fraud alert hurt my credit scores? How secure is the information I provide to Equifax.com? How long can I access/view my products? How do I know if I have a U.S. credit file if I am a resident from another country? Who can see my Equifax credit report? How do I obtain a credit report for a deceased person? How do lenders use credit scores? Where can I see the products I've previously ordered? What are the Equifax credit score ranges? Why do I have different credit scores? What are the most common factors that can negatively impact credit scores? When it comes to credit scores, will I be penalized for shopping around for the best interest rate? Why don't I see the same information on a credit report from the other nationwide credit bureaus? How do I redeem a gift certificate or promotion code? Can I lock my Equifax credit report if I have a security freeze? How do I customize my credit score monitoring alerts? What is the difference between credit scores from Equifax and credit scores from FICO? How does monitoring my credit reports help protect my identity? What types of credit score monitoring alerts can I receive? What is a credit score? What is a credit report confirmation number? What steps can I take if I have been mistakenly reported as deceased on my credit reports? Can I get my Equifax® credit report in Braille, large print or audio CD? What information may be included on my Equifax credit report? What is in my Equifax credit file that's preventing me from obtaining credit? What is a co-signer? F131 How are my credit reports affected when my spouse dies? How do credit report errors happen? What is a mixed credit file? How do I request a free credit report from AnnualCreditReport.com as a legal guardian? What is a credit report? Are a credit report and a credit score the same thing? Will my spouse's name and information appear on my credit file? Why is my last reported employment out of date on my Equifax credit report? Why aren't all my accounts listed on my Equifax credit report? Why is an account balance on my Equifax credit report incorrect? Why are accounts included in a bankruptcy still reported on my Equifax credit report? Why is one of my accounts showing up more than once on my Equifax credit report? How can I view my Equifax credit reports from the past? Why do credit scores change? How are credit scores calculated?

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