Product Overview

InterConnect is a flexible, cloud-based decision management system (DMS) with real-time functionality, helping you:
  • Define, implement and automate decision policies at the front line — without help from IT
  • Leverage differentiated data from Equifax Ignite®, your own data or data from a third party
  • Compare “expected” to “actual” results through a feedback loop to quickly refine and apply the best decision tools and strategies
  • Monitor and optimize strategies in a simulation environment and make on-the-fly adjustments that lead to better insights

InterConnect is ideal for any organization that needs customer decisioning around new account opening  — including telcos, insurance, auto financing, financial institutions, and utility companies. InterConnect is also useful for risk policy management.

Finding The Right Balance

Find the right balance between avoiding high-risk consumers during account acquisition while still putting the consumer first. With InterConnect, you can make critical business decisions in real time to maximize profit and minimize credit risk.

What makes InterConnect different


Accelerate account acquisition with automated business policies, streamlined access to relevant and differentiated data sources, and fast deployment of credit and risk policies and rules


Flexible, agile design gives you the choice to self-implement or partner with us on development and maintenance

Analytics Integration

Insights from Equifax Ignite can help deliver better outcomes with waterfall and conditional settings for access to the data you need, when you need it

A New Era In Credit & Risk Decisioning Reporting

Today’s companies need the best in decision management with automated technology that transforms complex data into actionable insights.  InterConnect offers easy access to data sources, attributes, models and decision rules… all while seamlessly integrating with your existing systems.
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Equifax Ignite

When InterConnect is integrated with Equifax Ignite through our feedback loop, you can continuously compare “expected” to “actual” results to refine and apply the best decision tools and strategies.