Analytics and Decisioning Solutions

Unlock Analytic Speed, Efficiency & Innovation Across Your Organization

Data and Analytics, Simplified

Disparate data and tech environments can complicate and slow down your analytics projects. Equifax Analytics and Decisioning Solutions can help you deploy models and scores faster by putting everything you need within a secure, cloud based environment known as Equifax Ignite®. It uses multisource data, the latest analytics tools, AI and machine learning, and provides a real-time feedback loop. 

Moreover, when you combine the Equifax Ignite with the InterConnect® decisioning platform, you can create an inclusive, efficient analytics and decisioning ecosystem that streamlines production so you can evaluate your options and move your business forward. 

Speed, agility and scalability are must haves in today's fluid economy. Our all-in-one Analytics and Decisioning Solutions help businesses of all sizes, across all industries do more.

Use Our Data and Yours

Streamlined data prep and management
Use a data agnostic analytics platform that can integrate your data, Equifax data and data from other third-party providers.
Access to our unique data assets
Tap into exclusive consumer economic data, differentiated credit attributes, credit data, alternative data and more.

Get Advanced Analytics Capabilities

Build and optimize strategies
Rapidly build, deploy and adjust high-performing models and scores, and experiment with new data streams and attributes.
Standard or tailored machine learning models
Access pre-built scores and models powered by the latest AI and machine learning techniques or quickly develop your own within a streamlined, cloud based technology environment.
Integrated, real time feedback
Optimize new model builds, rescue under-performing campaigns and align existing models and scores with shifting economic conditions and consumer behaviors to make quick adjustments.

Enhance Your Decisioning

Built in InterConnect® decisioning platform
Pair differentiated data, attributes, scores and analytics with your decisioning objectives across risk management, account opening and lending, compliance and more.
Innovate and experiment
Test new data streams, analytic techniques and next-gen AI and machine learning within a collaborative sandbox, and intelligently adjust as you go using the feedback loop.
Immediate visibility into consumer behaviors
See where consumers are opening accounts (either with you or your competitor), what products they’re using, their account performance and more—and use those insights to improve your strategies.

Use Data, Your Way, from Any Source 

With our solutions, you can access all types of data—yours, ours and data from other third parties—in one spot. Think of it as a personalized dashboard of data that makes everything easier and more efficient.

As for our data, nobody knows the consumer wallet better than Equifax. You'll be able to understand customer lifestyles, their needs and preferences, as well as see areas of opportunity with access to:
  • Exclusive insights into consumer wealth, assets and lifestyles.
  • Best-in-class attributes, including 7,000+ attributes across 60+ industries.
  • Alternative data for cable, cell phone and utility bills, and alternative finance data.
  • 100 percent of U.S. credit data (and historical archives).
  • Custom scores, models and more.

Combine Equifax Ignite with InterConnect 

Depending on your analytic project and resources, sometimes you need more than data. That's why our solutions include a built-in decisioning platform, Equifax InterConnect®, where you can build, test and execute analytic scores and models. 

Using Equifax Ignite and InterConnect together means you can track and adjust in-market strategies in response to shifting consumer behaviors and economic conditions. You can also create new builds and experiment with new strategies using an integrated feedback loop that returns real-time outcomes from your analytic projects back into Equifax Ignite.

Get to Market, and Revenue Faster, with Ready-Made, High-Performing Solutions


Equifax Ignite supports businesses of all sizes and across all industries but our history in key verticals means we can also offer curated solutions for certain industries and use cases. With our tailored data sets and attributes, and preconfigured scores and models, these solutions are point and click easy so you can deploy in less time and get to market and revenue, faster.

Pre-Configured Capabilities for:

  • Automotive
  • Financial Services & Credit Unions
  • Fintech
  • Higher Education
  • Insurtech
  • Retail
  • Small Businesses
  • Prospecting & Acquisition
  • Origination
  • Account Management
  • Market Intelligence


Don't Know your Way Around a Sandbox? We've Got you Covered. 

While data scientists and analysts are big fans of Equifax Ignite, you don’t have to be a data scientist or analyst to use our solutions. We meet you where you are with right-sized solutions based on your level of analytic expertise, including options for the less-technical business user on up through DIY solutions for data scientists.


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