Product Overview

Today, it's more important than ever for financial institutions to be agile, flexible, and fast. You need to keep pace with changing market and customer dynamics. And to do that, you need all your data and analytics in one place.

Get the insights you need to make faster, more informed decisions with Decision Hub. Leveraging InterConnect components, Decision Hub is a cloud-native, decision management platform that unites siloed data and powerful analytics into a centralized location.

Decision Hub allows you to choose and integrate only the tools and data you need. Plus, analyze, test, build, and deploy new models and strategies quicker than ever.

With pre-built use cases, pre-implemented data, readily available components, and unique templates, faster, more accurate answers on customers are only seconds away.
InterConnect Decision Management Platform
Grow your business with automated credit and risk decisioning, fueled by diverse data.

Key Benefits

  • Accelerate account acquisition (from minutes to seconds) with streamlined access to data.
  • Quickly translate data into actionable insights for more informed decisions and more predictive outcomes.
  • Drive powerful credit and risk strategies with differentiated data and advanced analytical models, attributes, and scores.
  • Test, optimize, adjust, and deploy strategies on the fly.
  • Confidently extend access to credit to underserved populations while still managing risk.
  • Adapt and grow quickly with pre-built business workflows, pre-integrated data, and decisioning templates.
  • Leverage secure cloud-based technology and reduce reliance on IT resources.

Who It's For

Account Opening / Lenders

Need a solution that automates decisioning and helps improve the consistency and efficiency of decisions.

Risk Management

Need instant/deeper visibility and insights around prospects and existing customers to help protect the business without hindering acquisition and growth.


Need fast access to multiple data sources, with the ability to integrate what they need quickly to help inform and refine decisioning policies.


Need more reliable verifications and a centralized view of organizational activities and risk.


Need data and analytics to better understand customer behaviors and opportunities and provide timely, appropriate offers.

Back Office Operations

Need a centralized view of decisioning strategies — across the enterprise — and the ability to adapt as market and customer needs change.

Streamline and Automate Decisioning Processes with InterConnect Decision Hub

When you need fast, configurable decision management, InterConnect® Decision Hub from Equifax delivers. See how in this infographic. 
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Product Sheet

Keeping your acquisition strategy in pace with changing times

Decision Hub from Equifax is a centralized decision intelligence platform that can be aligned with your specific objectives — across risk management, account opening and lending, compliance, and more. Because Decision Hub is a pre-built, ready-to-use command center, you have the flexibility to choose and integrate only the data and tools you need.

Learn more about how this innovative solution can help you make faster, more accurate decisions today.

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Customer Testimonial: Hancock Whitney Bank  

See why Hancock Whitney says Equifax is a strategic partner in their success in achieving quicker data response times with InterConnect Decision Hub.
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