Where can I find my credit scores?

Your credit scores are calculated using information in your credit reports, but aren’t part of the credit reports themselves. You don’t have only one credit score; there are many different credit scoring models, or ways to calculate credit scores. Credit scores are designed to represent your credit risk, or the likelihood you will pay your bills on time.

There are a few ways to get credit scores:

  • Check your credit card, financial institution or loan statement. Many companies have started providing credit scores for their customers. It may be on your statement, or you may be able to log in to your account and access it online.
  • Create a myEquifax account and click “Get my free credit score”  to enroll in Equifax Core Credit™. You’ll get a free monthly Equifax credit report and free monthly VantageScore credit score based on Equifax data. A VantageScore is one of many types of credit scores.
  • Purchase credit scores directly from one of the three nationwide credit bureaus or other provider, such as FICO.
  • Use a credit score service or free credit scoring site. Some sites provide a free credit score to users. Others may provide credit scores to credit monitoring customers paying a monthly subscription fee. 

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