Why do I have different credit scores?

You don’t have just one credit score. There are many different credit scores and credit score providers.

Although your credit scores are calculated using information in your credit reports, there are also many different credit scoring models, or ways of calculating credit scores. One model may place more importance on one factor, such as payment history, while another may not.

Your credit scores may vary according to the credit scoring model used, and may also vary based on which credit bureau furnishes the credit report used for the data. That’s because not all lenders and creditors report to all three nationwide credit bureaus. Some may report to only two, one or none at all.

The types of credit scores used by lenders and creditors may vary based on the industry as well. For example, if you’re buying a car, an auto lender might use a credit score that places more emphasis on your payment history when it comes to auto loans.

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