True In-Market Propensity Scores

Acquire the best customers first with refined prospect lists
Product Overview

What Is True In-Market Propensity Scores

True In-Market Propensity Scores™ (TIP) help predict a consumer's propensity to open new or additional credit while helping maintain lower risk profiles. When used with a baseline measure of credit risk, TIP Scores three-digit indicative score can help further pinpoint and refine marketing strategies. 

Add Lift Above Traditional Prescreen Measures

Use predictive insights gained from combining open rates across score bands with consumers who present the lowest risk to help:
  • ​​​​​​​Enhance campaign efficiency
  • Increase acquisition rates
  • Augment prescreened lists
​​​​​​​Leverage the depth of the Equifax consumer credit database to help expand your universe of customers who are likely to open offers of credit. Strengthen retention rates by targeting existing customers that are primed for cross-sell/up-sell opportunities and present less risk of default.

Industry-specific Scoring Models Means More Accuracy

Identify in-market consumers ahead of your competition and create customized campaigns by leveraging a unique, propensity-to-open score:
  • Auto
  • ​​​​​​​Bankcard
  • Mortgage
  • Home Equity

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TIP Scores can be combined with TargetPoint Triggers ™

Tap into market segments with the highest predicted open rates to identify and quickly connect with in-market consumers