Modernize Prescreen to Grow your Lending Portfolio

  • Target prospects likely to open a new credit account that meet your risk profile
  • Optimize acquisition ROI by making confident, time-sensitive offers when consumers are likely to respond
  • Reduce risk by marketing to consumers who are less likely to default on payments
  • Enhance segmentation and expand your marketable audience with alternative data
  • Leverage email and digital prescreen
  • Be fast to market with advanced data and analytics tools
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Learn More About Equifax Prescreen

Prescreen delivers pre-approved consumer prospects tailored to meet the credit profile criteria for your lending offers. Increase acquisition by honing in on consumers with the right credit characteristics for your offers, while mitigating risk. Prescreen helps you create the ideal target audience by leveraging thousands of credit attributes, including event and behavior-based triggers, and your own credit-based attributes.  Prescreen is a consumer report and its use is regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

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Self-service Tools for Better Analytics and Campaign Performance

Leverage a cloud-based platform and dashboards to build and refine your Prescreen models and see how they’re working. Get your offers to market faster and quickly learn how campaigns can be improved.
  • Access and connect all datasets in one place
  • Test what-if and champion/challenger scenarios
  • Use a results feedback loop to fine-tune models

Expand Your Prospect Audiences

Use the latest data innovations to expand and refine acquisition targeting while managing risk.
  • Go beyond legacy credit scores to find thin file, credit invisible, and credit-rebuilding customers that may be a good fit.
  • Gain a more complete view of consumer financial capacity before Prescreen to find good prospects that you might otherwise not have spotted.
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Prescreen Through Email and Digital Channels

We’ll help you move beyond direct mail by finding your prospects on social or matching Prescreen lists to email addresses. Our email deployment partner offers best-in-market email solutions based on one of the industry’s largest databases of high-quality, compliant, opt-in, and validated email addresses. 

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