Financial Spectrum

Enhance customer segmentation by differentiating households with financial measures
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Product Overview

Better understand customers and prospects

Financial Spectrum™  is an asset-based household segmentation system, available exclusively for IXI Network Member Firms that segments customers and prospects based on anonymous financial and behavioral characteristics. ​​​​​It was built in partnership with Neustar leveraging unique data insights from Equifax and Neustar's respected expertise in segmentation. Created without the use of protected class data.
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Who It's For

Director of Marketing

Segment and target your customers and prospects by indexed spending capacity

Campaign / Advertising Manager

Increase campaign engagement and improve performance with better segmentation

Data Analytics

Understand persistent characteristics predictive of financial behaviors

Modeler / Statistician

Enhance marketing models without relying on protected demographic identity elements

Customer Analyst

Enable better planning and market sizing, and attribution by customer segment
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Key benefits

Financial services firms can use Financial Spectrum to better understand the financial and behavioral characteristics of distinct customer and prospect groups and increase the relevance and effectiveness of your direct and online marketing efforts

Leverages Neustar's ElementOne® audience intelligence solution for insights, planning, activation and measurement purposes

Compliance-friendly - does not contain Protected-class Data

Equifax unique financial insights

Equifax collaborates with over 95 leading U.S. financial institutions to create and maintain the IXI Network database that currently measures over $27 trillion (~45%) of U.S. consumers’ liquid financial assets.
Financial services customers can now address new potential use cases and link to Neustar's industry-leading identity graph.

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Target desired customers with the right offers and products

Financial Services firms can now more accurately segment and target customers based on estimated assets, investment style, spending capacity and credit —instead of simple demographics. Financial Spectrum provides the insights needed to effectively implement customer acquisition, cross-sell and retention programs. Created without the use of protected class data Available exclusively to IXI™ Network Members.
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