Discover how our rich data, predictive analytics and cloud-native technologies can help fintechs successfully target and acquire more customers, mitigate fraud and make better business decisions.

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Our Capabilities

Products and solutions fit for fintechs’ unique business challenges

A Tailored Approach for Your Business Needs

Fintech is rapidly evolving, and companies in different sectors and stages of business growth have varying needs. No matter what your biggest priority is — targeting the right customers, confirming customer identities, reducing fraud risk — we’re here to help.

As a collaborative partner, we’ll work with you to discover how our powerful data and analytics solutions can best meet your distinct business needs. Our predictive data tools and insights can help you find and approve new customers, deter fraud faster, and stay ahead of competitors in the fast-paced fintech space.

Our Data Makes a Difference


Increase right-party contact rates by up to 20%


Deeper insights from trended data with 500+ consumer credit attributes


Scorable population of customers expanded up to 32% with alternative data and predictive analytics

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Who We Serve

We work with fintechs specializing in online payments and ecommerce, buy now pay later, consumer alternative lending, small business alternative lending, and digital banking. 
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What Can We Help You Do?

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Fintechs that innovate to bring consumer-first financial services to market have a valuable new resource with InnovationX. Our immersive, strategic ideation experience brings your teams to collaborate alongside our most creative minds in data science, analytics and technology. Together, we can develop game-changing solutions using the cloud-native technology and the differentiated data and analytics that only Equifax can provide.

Our Cloud-Native Technologies Keep You Moving Forward

With differentiated data and security at the core, Equifax empowers fintechs to innovate faster and develop experiences based on a more complete picture of customers. 

Learn more about our cloud offerings in our developer portal, where you can find self-service APIs and discover how our cloud-based solutions can meet your most pressing needs.

Visit our Developer Portal for access.

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