Predictive data and actionable insights for financial services innovation.

How We Help


Find Better Prospects

Target the right people, the right way, at the right time.


Reduce Acquisition Cost

Improve efficiency in finding and acquiring new customers.


Reduce Credit Risk

Extend more credit with more confidence.


Deliver a Better Customer Experience

Nurture customer relationships for increased profitability. 


Monitor Portfolio Health

Proactively manage risk and repayment in your customer portfolio. 


Identify Right-party Contacts

Improve collections strategies and performance. 


Reduce Fraud Risk

Block bad actors with less friction for good customers.


Make Strategic Decisions

Assess timely economic and industry trends for effective forecasting.

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LendIt Fintech USA 2021

The LendIt Fintech agenda will help you synthesize and master the new financial reality. Discover new opportunities, how to mitigate risk, and what this new reality means for your business.

Data-driven Marketing Solutions

A targeting strategy that is data-driven is more impactful. 


FinTech leaders use our rich data and customer insights to improve accuracy, boost campaign response rates, and help guide online and offline optimizations. 

Equifax Alternative Data

Drive smart growth by closing more loans, reducing risk and improving customer experience.


Equifax data assets, combined with unique alternative data and advanced predictive analytics, means lenders will have better visibility when acquiring new customers and more confidence when extending credit. 

Diving into the Data with Consumer Portfolio Insights

Monitor and maintain portfolio health with analytics built for decisions. 


Nurture customer relationships and reduce risk using trended data and extensive consumer credit attributes - real data that turns insights into action.  

Lending with Confidence

Make critical decisions that refine collections strategies using a powerful suite of data assets. 


Improve right-party contact rates as well as the process and the prioritization of collections with data and insights designed to guide decision making.   

FinTech Insights Blog

Better Data means Better Decisions


Increase right-party contact rates by up to 20%.
Deeper insights from trended data with 500+ consumer credit attributes.
Scorable population of customers expanded up to 32% with alternative data and predictive analytics.

Meet Our Expert

"I thrive on the energy of FinTech innovators as we partner to deliver predictive intelligence through differentiated data and advanced analytics."

Sharla Godbehere, Equifax FinTech/Alt-Fi Vertical Leader

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All FinTech Resources

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