Helping Redefine Financial Services in an Era of Great Digital Expectations

Innovate Quicker. Grow Faster. Create Exceptional Customer Experiences.

As an online financial services provider, you’re different from traditional brick and mortar banking — your pace of innovation and appetite for change is much higher, and your challenges are more focused. Core areas that are keys to success include: 

  • Optimized acquisition costs
  • High lead-to-loan conversions rates
  • Profitable portfolio growth for investors
  • Strong digital experiences
  • Due diligence with fraud and verifications

To ensure your organization is growing strategically and innovating, you need relevant insights on your customers, market, and competition. Equifax can help.


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Gain confidence and know that your customers are who they say they are with data and insights that detect linkages and suspicious patterns and activity. Using these insights and customizable scoring, you can make critical decisions in real time when spotting potential fraudulent requests — often without increasing manual reviews or sacrificing customer satisfaction. Equifax helps verify and authenticate identities to help you detect and deter true name and synthetic identity fraud activity.
•    FraudIQ® Identity Score  
•    FraudIQ® Authenticate 
•    FraudIQ® Synthetic ID Alerts  
•    Verification Solutions from Equifax 
•    SSN Verification 
•    Suspicious ID 

The world of digital finance continues its rapid pace of change. To stay ahead you must attract and convert qualified leads into an accepted and funded loan as quickly as possible — at optimum rates and terms. To do this, you need to make the strongest offer to your online customers at the outset. Combining unique data and credit attributes with our analytical expertise and modeling solutions, Equifax can help you across the key areas of pricing optimization, decisioning and verifications.

Our products leverage marketing data along with consumers’ wealth and asset data to help you target and segment potential optimal and profitable online customers, then quickly moving them through the credit assessment, which can help you reduce online customer acquisition costs.

Whether you’re a marketplace lender, a FinTech player, or you’re just breaking into the online lending space, a frictionless, personalized digital experience is what customers demand. Without adding friction to the customer experience, Equifax delivers access to exclusive, reliable, and diverse data to provide a 360-degree view of consumers and businesses. Gain a holistic view of your customers and verify identities at the point of interaction, while minimizing fraud impact and maximizing the customer experience with Equifax.