Buy Now Pay Later

Our industry-leading approach supports Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) growth while promoting responsible lending with positive consumer outcomes.

Who Uses BNPL Financing?

50 Million US consumers have used BNPL over the last 12 months. A large scale data study by Equifax reveals insights about consumers that apply for BNPL loans.
up to 20% BNPL applicants are new to credit and have no credit file.
more likely than general credit users to be a credit rebuilder with a sub-prime score.
lower household savings and investments. Applicants are younger and less affluent.

Who We Serve

FinTechs With Innovative Point of Sale Financing Options

We support BNPL FinTechs' journey to sustain growth and build profitability with solutions that help reduce fraud risk, promote consumer loyalty, and expand merchant services.

Consumer Lenders Seeking to Responsibly Say Yes More

We are leading industry progress with the first announced  tradeline reporting solution to improve borrower transparency and help lenders make responsible credit decisions. 

Support Consumer Financial Health

Our new tradeline reporting solution is designed to provide lenders a more complete view of borrowers obligations, while offering many consumers the opportunity to build a stronger financial profile.

Sustain Growth. Build Profitability.

We offer solutions to help BNPL providers expand merchant services, monetize consumer relationships, reduce fraud losses, and develop more profitable transactions.

Reduce Fraud Risk

BNPL providers are exposed to fraud risk from both consumers and merchants. We link vast data assets to improve efficient merchant vetting and consumer identity verification.

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Learn how Equifax supports Fintech companies

Discover how our rich data, predictive analytics and cloud-native technologies can help fintechs successfully target and acquire more customers, mitigate fraud and make better business decisions.