Take a proactive stance on portfolio management with Equifax Account Management Triggers.

Keep a focus on accounts with the highest risk by leveraging credit indicators and triggers to help identify consumers with a near-term risk of default or late payment. This intuitive screening tool helps monitor credit and identify trouble spots before they impact portfolio performance by delivering actionable account intelligence, to improve overall portfolio performance and mitigate risk. 
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Evaluate Accounts For Credit Risk Triggers

Understand where and when to take action with proactive insight provided by key indicators, including:

  • Recent changes in credit activity
  • Changes in credit behavior over time
  • Tradeline account characteristics
  • Late payments
  • Utilization trends
  • Recent defaults

Account Management Triggers is a consumer report and is regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

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Respond Fast to Changes in Credit Away From Your Firm

Use Account Management Triggers to monitor and better respond to changes in customers’ credit activity. 
  • Identifying changes in your customers' credit activity at other firms could increase cost savings by between 40%-50% on newly identified dollars at risk
  • Get notified of accounts that take on more credit, are recently delinquent, or that have shifted to a higher utilization rate at other firms

Monitor For Credit Risk Indicators

Gauge portfolio performance and risk potential from a perspective customized to your specific risk thresholds. Account Management Triggers evaluate accounts against credit risk triggers and add the deeper viewpoint and reliability provided by our comprehensive credit marketing database.

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