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6,800+ cloud-native attributes built on differentiated, trended data to deliver enhanced predictability and performance
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Product Overview

Grow your business--not your risk levels--with Peak Attributes. This exclusive, cloud-native attribute suite uses differentiated and alternative data to dig deeper and help identify low-risk prospects within no-file and thin-file consumer populations. With 80,000+ credit attributes, including 60 industries and account types, Peak Attributes delivers unmatched scalability and precision for targeted analytic solutions that help optimize opportunity and profitability.

Ways To Use Peak Attributes

Account Acquisition

Boost account openings--and revenue--by discovering new customers and making competitive offers. 

Account Prescreening

Save time, money and resources by prescreening new prospects and engaging them with firm, regulatory-compliant offers. 

Account Origination

Improve profitability and efficiency by qualifying applications during the loan process. 

Account Management

Reduce account and portfolio risk by proactively monitoring customer risk and detecting late payments in advance. 

Credit Line Increases

Confirm eligibility for credit increases, based on business-specific guidelines, while reducing risk of delinquency or default. 


Mitigate risk by segmenting customers based on their likelihood to become delinquent or exceed credit limits. 

Key Improvement Stats

Tri-bureau, cloud-native credit attributes
Industries and account types
Average lift over previous attribute sets
Product Sheet

Boost Model Performance with Peak Attributes 

Peak Attributes is our comprehensive attribute portfolio built on proven, differentiated and trended data, and driven by innovative, patented analytic techniques. 

This powerful portfolio of more than 6,800 cloud-native attributes helps improve predictability and performance by tapping into alternative data attributes — so you can uncover unbanked, underbanked, and emerging consumers not found with traditional consumer credit files.

Who It's For

Enhance predictability

Benefit from an average 15% lift over previous attribute sets.

Boost performance

Broaden the pool of prospective customers while reducing risk.

Accelerate account acquisition

Locate more qualified thin-file and underserved consumers.

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