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Credit Reports is an API enabling financial institutions and other providers to deliver consumer credit reports directly within their portal or application. Providers who enroll consumers can showcase their commitment to financial wellness and increase application users, all while alleviating the burden of sensitive data storage. Credit Reports helps consumers stay confident in their borrowing abilities, and enables providers to strengthen consumer relationships.
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Tailor Data Delivery with Credit Report Monitoring (API)

Credit Report Monitoring (API) is an add-on within the Consumer Engaement Suite, providing consumers with alerts for their credit reports and scores. Reach enrolled consumers at the right time by supplying alerts through scheduled or real-time change notifications.
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Consumers want Financial Institutions to Engage - Credit Reports is here to help

Download to discover what consumers want from Financial Institutions (FI), banks and other providers, plus tips on the tools you need to deliver it.

Key Stats

of consumers check their credit report within the last month.
of consumers want their FI to help them improve their financial health.
of consumers feel that their credit union or bank is helping.
API Integration

Flexible to fit your needs

Say good-bye to long onboarding or difficult integrations with your legacy applications - our API provides flexibility with a custom user interface.

Plus, Credit Reports can deliver all or select line items of the consumer credit report within certain parameters to ensure the consumer receives an accurate representation of their credit situation.

5x more business growth opportunities

For financial institutions to grow, they need consumer engagement tools to amplify digital offerings and connect with consumers to remain top of mind. Consumers who think their financial institution supports financial health are 5x more likely to report interest in purchasing additional products and services.

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