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Drive better lending or rental decisions and enable a simplified customer experience, with reduced risk and improved efficiencies.

Our Capabilities

Solutions from Equifax can support you throughout the lending lifecycle.

Identify and Onboard New Borrowers

Identify the Right Customers

Target the right people, the right way, at the right time.

Generate Quality Leads

Improve efficiency in finding and acquiring new customers.

Produce Quality Loan Files

Build and easily assess the quality of loan files with differentiated, directly sourced information.

Manage Risk and Relationships

Manage Portfolio Risk While Minimizing Negative Impacts

Proactively manage risk and repayment in your customer portfolio. In the rental market, build trust with applicants by accessing soft credit checks to avoid affecting credit scores.

Mitigate Default and Foreclosure Risk

Decrease risk while also reducing unnecessary manual reviews.

Manage Customer Relationships

Hold on to more of the right borrowers by applying event-based, in-market insights to segmentation and retention strategies.

Accurately Value Securities and Predict Delinquency

Benefit from deeper insights into mortgage loan credit risk.
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Mortgage Technology Partnerships

Through partnerships with more than 50 leading mortgage platforms and technology providers, we enable integrated access to solutions that help improve your digital experience and drive efficiency.

How You Can Benefit From Our Partnerships

Streamline Lending Processes
Accelerate approvals with automated rules, verifications, and benchmarks built into your existing lending process for faster decisioning.

Enable a Digital-First Experience
Eliminate manual processes by integrating verified data directly into your LOS or POS.

Lend More Confidently
Process mortgage loans faster and more accurately with fewer human errors and common application risks.

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Better understand consumer behavior and competitor activity during prospecting, loan origination and portfolio retention
Undisclosed Debt Monitoring
Reduce mortgage fraud and streamline underwriting with a proprietary credit monitoring platform

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