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Streamline Processes, Digitize Mortgage Lending, and Drive Efficiency

Today’s homebuyers want faster digital mortgage experiences. But to meet these expectations, you need tools that give you easy access to borrower data within your existing systems. By leveraging Equifax products through your technology platform, we help you speed up the origination process and make more accurate lending decisions.
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The Benefits of Accessing Equifax Through your Technology Provider

Streamline lending processes

Accelerate approvals with automated rules, verifications, and benchmarks built into your existing lending process for faster decisioning.

Enable a digital-first experience

Eliminate manual processes by integrating verified data directly into your LOS or POS.

Lend more confidently

Process mortgage loans faster and more accurately with fewer human errors and common application risks.

Integrations with 50+ leading mortgage platforms

Integrate with Equifax through your technology provider to eliminate multiple logins, platforms, and manual workflows.

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Some of Our Integrated Partners

The Value of Adding Equifax Solutions to Your Existing Integration

  • Improved efficiency: Reduce manual processes by automating third-party identity, income, and employment verifications.
  • A simplified experience: Automate tasks and shift to paperless by pre-populating data digitally to make it easier for your customers.
  • The full view: Get a 360-degree assessment of a borrower’s identity, undisclosed liabilities, employment, income, and more.
  • Transparency around debt: Monitor the quiet period between application and loan closing for visibility into borrower activity.
  • Always-on access: Get income and employment data for more than 100 million active records through The Work Number® by Equifax when you need it.

Recommended Products

Undisclosed Debt Monitoring™ (UDM)
Avoid last-minute surprises and boost efficiency in mortgage lending
Trended Credit*Hi-Lite
Our flagship tri-merge credit report
IRS Tax Transcripts Fulfillment Service
A fast and efficient way to request IRS tax transcripts online
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