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Turning challenges into a competitive advantage by driving more informed decisions through differentiated data, advanced analytics, cloud-native data fabric and global platforms that only Equifax can provide.

Drive Smarter Revenue and Create Seamless Customer Experiences

(approx) more applications
Incorporating alternative data enables lenders to approve more  applications, without impacting risk.

Adding NCTUE can move to prime or super prime offers.


More people to qualify by layering in The Work Number


Nearly 20% Subprime cosumers who are financially durable and could be attractive acquisition targets

Our Capabilities

Your highly specialized business requires unique insights. We can tailor data solutions to help with effective marketing, risk mitigation, relationship management, and more.

Find better prospects

Segment and target consumers based on economic and behavioral attributes

Create better customer experiences

Ensure every interaction is as frictionless as possible

Personalize communications

Drive customer engagement through tailored offers that demonstrate customer knowledge

Extend more credit with confidence

Accurately predict financial capacity and assess risk for more consumers

Build identity trust & reduce fraud

Verify and authenticate identities in real time

Grow your wallet-share

Effectively cross-sell and upsell to build loyalty and retain your best customers

Who We Serve


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Credit Unions

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Card Issuers and Networks

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