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Helping Financial Institutions Drive Smarter Revenue and Create Seamless Customer Experiences
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Finding the balance between traditional and digital customer interactions can be challenging, but our differentiated data makes it simpler. Only Equifax has the decision intelligence you need to move your business forward and optimize growth in the post-COVID economic recovery.

Understand Today’s Market-icon

Understand Today’s Market

Identify opportunities in the market to deliver smarter revenue and a better customer experience.

Find Better Prospects-icon

Find Better Prospects

Target the right people, with appropriate offers, at the right time.

Assess and Reduce Risk-icon

Assess and Reduce Risk

Extend more credit with more confidence.

Protect Against Fraud-icon

Protect Against Fraud

Block bad actors with less friction for good customers, especially as you serve customers digitally.

Create a Better Customer Experience-icon

Create a Better Customer Experience

Nurture customer relationships for increased profitability and decrease churn rates.

Grow your Wallet-Share-icon

Grow your Wallet-Share

Understand your standing and find opportunities to deliver appropriate offers and guidance to customers.

Assist with Timely Regulatory Compliance-icon

Assist with Timely Regulatory Compliance

Help avoid costly fines and penalties and better assess account risk minimizing exposure and losses.

Strategically Increase Winback-icon

Strategically Increase Winback

Use financial capacity insights to identify your most valuable customers for retention and winback activities.

For those “if only” moments, there’s Only Equifax.

We’ve all had those “if only” moments, times we know there’s a better way to drive business. If only we had the right tools. Truth is, only one partner helps you know more about your potential customers. Check out how we can solve your challenges at every stage of your journey.

Digital Acceleration and the Customer Journey: What Financial Institutions Need to Know

As digital acceleration continues to rev up in 2021, financial institutions must efficiently meet customer needs through digital channels, while working through new challenges. In this white paper from Equifax, firms learn to:

  • Structure their organization to support digital transformation.
  • Optimize and refine their digital marketing plans.
  • Find a balance between operational and customer needs.
  • Protect their customers - and their business - from potential risk and fraud.

Financial Services Insights

Better Data Means Better Decisions

Differentiating online consumers based on their expected financial profiles resulted in an 88% increase in opening balance.
Over 91.5 million consumers have thin credit files or are credit invisible, resulting in missed opportunities for lenders.
Affluent households (assets $1M+) are only 7% of U.S. households but hold nearly 69% of consumer wealth
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All Financial Services Resources

Explore other Financial Services videos and resources