Equifax commercial data assets and solutions support our customers’ goals for managing financial and credit risk while growing their customer base and revenue. Business credit and payment data work together to provide more transparency for better decisions. Marketing data with business identity data built-in so you can identify, target, acquire and onboard new customers more easily. 

Equifax provides data solutions to help our customers manage financial and credit risk, grow their customer base, and increase revenue. To make better decisions, companies use business credit and payment data.  By using marketing data with built-in business identity data, you can identify, target, acquire and onboard new customers fast while mitigating risk and complying with regulations.

Imagine What You Can Do with Data that Provides Insights:

businesses with credit data
commercial contracts
records associated with corporate family
global business records for marketing
U.S. business records for marketing
business contacts

How We Help Customers

  • Commercial credit decisions
  • Predictive models for risk assessments 
  • Business verification
  • Industry and market segmentation for prospecting and lead generation 
  • Qualifying and acquiring new customers  

Commercial Credit Risk

No matter the industry or the products or services provided, acquiring new business accounts and managing risk are at the core of every decision. 

Increase the predictability of default on your commercial accounts and acquire new customers with the industries most comprehensive commercial delinquency and risk scores.


Identifying and targeting new business accounts is a challenge that every B2B marketer faces. 

When it comes to data-driven marketing and account based marketing Equifax helps B2B marketers discover growth markets, identify growing businesses and analyze market trends to your benefit.

Portfolio Management

Markets are constantly changing and businesses' financial status changes with it, so why do businesses avoid ongoing account monitoring.

Stay on top of your portfolio and Identify overall portfolio risk, risk in key segments and customer base, in order to make agile and informed business decisions.

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