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Grow your business, manage existing customers, and reduce risk in an ever-changing market 

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Innovative, Data-Driven Tools for Better Decisions and Faster Revenue

As a telecom and utility service provider, you know that competition for customers is fiercer than ever. But winning new ones, retaining existing ones, and managing risk and growth along the way requires access to advanced data that empowers smarter decisions — across your business.

Innovative, data-driven solutions from Equifax can help you effectively expand and manage portfolios and increase profitability, while keeping potential threats at bay. From marketing to risk to fraud, improve customer engagement, see less loss, and increase speed to revenue with tools that help at every stage of business.


Key Benefits

Optimize Your Consumer Experience

Reduce lost revenue and application abandonment with tracking and identification across devices that empower an omni-channel experience.

Simplify the Application Process

Prepopulate authenticated prospect/consumer/applicant information in forms to reduce data entry errors and shorten processes.

Reduce Fraud

Fight account takeover and charge offs and keep customers more secure with multi-factor authentications that help detect suspicious patterns and confirm customer identities.

Find and Target New Prospects

Increase acquisition and improve segmentation with financial and economic insights that expand your reach and uncover prospects with an appetite for your products and services.

Approve More Customers

Increase your customer pool and approve services for more customers with less risk with expanded insights derived from alternative and differentiated data (payment history, public records, etc.).

Effectively Manage Portfolios

Proactively identify changes in customer risk, offer support to those who need it, and improve portfolio performance with targeted alerts and visibility into shifting behaviors.
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