Provide a more personalized, frictionless, efficient, and secure car buying experience with our data, analytics, and technology solutions.

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A More Seamless, Personalized Car Buying Experience

The auto industry is shifting and changing faster than ever. This means dealers, lenders, OEMs, and technology companies need the right tools to help simplify and personalize car buying for everyone.

Allow us to help you meet the demand of today’s consumers and power a personalized end to end seamless, car buying experience, all while mitigating credit risk and identity verification.

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6 ways Equifax Can Help Deliver Insights for the Auto Industry

Target Desired Audiences
Marketing Data
Use measures of wealth, income, spending, credit, share-of-wallet, and share-of-market to achieve more targeted, meaningful interactions across the auto customer journey.
Make Confident Decisions
Insight Score for Auto
Originate more loans within your risk tolerance so you can make competitive offers to good customers even ones with thin credit files.
Understand the Market
Optimize your strategy, offers, and terms to attract and win more of the quality customers you want and get a more complete view of the automotive market and dealer landscape. 
Drive Customer Experience
Simplify the auto buying experience for consumers with frictionless identity resolutions for your business.
Explore and Analyze Data
Ignite® for Auto
Respond knowledgeably to a rapidly changing automotive industry, by better understanding the potential impact of today’s dynamic environment on portfolios.
Detect and Prevent Fraud
Fraud Solutions Overview
Leverage a layered approach to fraud prevention at various stages and across different channels.

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Who We Serve

Auto Dealers
Simplify and personalize the car buying experience for consumers.
Auto Lenders
Create a layered approach to identity authentication and verification to help you identify more opportunities and mitigate risk.
Auto Manufacturers
Find and target in-market shoppers that are ready to buy.
Industry Partners
Provide the ability to respond to industry shifts with data and analytics that better serve your customers.

Impact your Customers Auto Buying Journey with Equifax

The automotive industry wants to create the personalized experience that consumers want. And at the same time, dealers need a more efficient way to target, qualify and understand consumer affordability and to help provide a consistent experience from online to the showroom. 

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