Product Overview

Credit card issuers face a variety of challenges today: increasing acquisition and retention costs, growing competition from alternative lenders, and economic uncertainty — to name a few.

Grow your existing card accounts and expand your portfolio with Insight Score for Credit Cards — the industry-specific credit risk score that helps you uncover more potential customers and improve portfolio performance.

Insight Score for Credit Cards combines proprietary Equifax credit data with telecom and utility data not available through other third-party providers. The Insight Score uses NeuroDecision® Technology to apply industry-specific models and help predict the likelihood of a consumer becoming 90 days past due (or worse) within 24 months of opening a credit card account. All to give you the insights you need to get a better view of potential risk and extend more offers confidently.

Key Benefits

  • Make origination decisions more confidently and approve more card applicants.
  • Expand your credit card prospect pool by augmenting scores with utility, pay TV, wireless phone, and other payment data.
  • Improve marketing and portfolio management with improved predictiveness enabled by AI, trended data, and powerful analytics.
  • Improve the consumer experience through more competitive, personalized offers and improved decisioning and service.
  • Get predictive insights on current customers that help you adjust credit levels and mitigate risk.
  • Better understand a consumer's history of meeting debt obligations.
Who It's For

Understanding Your Customers

Financial Institutions and Credit Card Issuers need expanded payment data and predictive insights that give them more visibility into consumers' financial history, so they can get a better view of risk, offer credit cards to more applicants, and lend more confidently.

Key Stats

More Confident Decisions

Approve 5-7%* more credit card applicants.
*Internal Equifax validations. Individual client results may vary.

Superior Score Performance

By combining alternative data with proprietary NeuroDecision® Technology from Equifax, the Insight Score for Credit Cards performs
Product Sheet

Enhance your view of credit card risks and opportunities

Insight Score for Credit Cards from Equifax gives you the expanded, diverse data and predictive insights you need to better evaluate more credit card applicants, uncover new prospects, and mitigate risk along the way. Learn more about how this industry-specific credit risk score can benefit your business today.
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