Grow profitable merchant relationships with more precise prospecting, reduced friction, differentiated services, and systematic risk management.

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Let Us Help You Put Data to Work

Our data can help simplify operations, reduce friction, and mitigate risk as you onboard and manage merchant relationships. Support your merchants with value-added solutions to prevent fraud and reduce chargebacks with Kount offerings by Equifax.
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6 Ways to be Payment Provider of Choice 

Pursue new markets
eCommerce Hotlist
Identify high growth merchants and eCommerce businesses to improve targeted marketing efforts
Identify new merchants
B2bConnect Plus
Find high value prospects with revenue growth and processing volume from merchant transactions  
Reduce merchant fraud risk
Business Verification Solution
Confirm the legitimacy of a business and the business owners before forming a relationship
Onboard merchants faster
OneScore for Commercial
Increase the predictability of default when onboarding new commercial accounts
Reduce verification time and cost
Virtual Inspection
Detect fake content and check for image manipulation
Flag merchants with elevated risk
Predictive default model that alerts of the changing situations that may increase risk
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What Can We Help You Do?

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Who We Serve

Payment Processors
Facilitate payment transactions between consumers and merchants.
Payment Acquirers
Provide merchants with the necessary infrastructure to accept card payments and settle transactions.
Payment Services Provider
Responsible for handling online internet and digital wallet transactions.
Merchant Services Provider
Provide merchant accounts that accept and process card and other electronic payments.

Differentiate from your competitors with Kount merchant offerings by Equifax.

Whether you are a payment acquirer expanding business with your existing merchants or a payment processor controlling chargeback volumes, Kount products can help you differentiate with value-added services for merchants.

Authorization Optimization 
Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to help avoid international false declines and achieve higher approval rates.

Payment Fraud Prevention 
Our solution uses billions of interactions in real time and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) equipped with supervised and unsupervised machine learning to analyze data from an online purchase or transaction.

Chargeback Management 
Intelligent chargeback management software that helps reduce chargebacks up to 99%. Allows businesses to intercept disputes in real time, deflect chargebacks, or stop shipments related to criminal fraud.
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