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The insurance industry is changing, and fast. Advances in smartphones allow consumers to collect and provide more data to insurers and competition is rising as customers embrace mobile and online rate-checking tools to find lower prices. Yet, vehicle ownership is slowing in the U.S. as alternatives to car ownership, such as ride-sharing services spread. To succeed in today’s market, you need access to the most predictive, relevant data that helps you offer new and existing policyholders the absolute best rates and service, while keeping your risk in check. 

With Equifax, that’s exactly what you get. Our comprehensive, data-driven suite of solutions push beyond just the traditional credit data and analytics to help insurers like you better predict risk, improve profitability and grow your customer base. 

For instance, you can potentially gain a 20% lift* in the ‘unscorable’ consumer segments by pairing our trusted credit data with our industry-exclusive alternative data, which includes account payment information from within the utility, telecommunications and cable industries. You can more accurately quote an expanded audience of new policyholders who can’t be credit-scored by better understanding how they pay everyday household expenses. In turn, you can reward your customers who are scorable with the lower insurance rates they deserve.

From a robust insurance-specific score fueled by fresh alternative data, to credit marketing, property data analytics, commercial scoring and much more, Equifax can help give you the competitive edge you need to: 

  • More accurately assess and segment risk across consumers and commercial customers
  • Increase profitability through more precise risk aligned quotes 
  • Grow your business with access to unique, highly-predictive alternative data that helps you confidently score more customers with little to no credit history
  • Deliver a better customer experience with faster, more competitive quotes
Trended Credit Data Overview

Help predict future consumer behavior with trended consumer credit attributes

Insight Score for Insurance

Credit Data Alone Doesn't Tell the Full Story

Insurance Insights

Featured Products and Solutions
InitialQuote Score
Win More Business by Fueling Initial Rate Quotes With Up-front Credit Insight
Small Business Market View
Helping Insurers gain insights into Small Businesses
Insight Score for Insurance
Game-changing predictive score to help insurers grow their business faster and more profitably
Property Data and Analytics
The leading provider of revolutionary property valuation data and analytics
Credit Marketing Services
Accelerate portfolio performance and increase acquisition with actionable credit based insight
Peak Attributes
Differentiated attributes improve speed to market and ease of use across the entire attribute lifecycle
Scores and Models for Credit Risk Decisioning
Drive precise, profitable decisions with predictive consumer credit insights
Income and Employment Verifications
Reliable, third-party income and employment verifications
Customer Targeting and Scoring
Find the hidden potential among your customers and prospects
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Resources and Assets

Product Sheets, Case Studies, Videos, and more