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Showcase the real story of your college with direct access to verified, data-driven insights and analytics that help you optimize your school’s program effectiveness, enhance inclusivity, and prospect to potential students.

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It’s not “one thing” that makes a college stand out, it’s everything. It’s the quality of the education. The student experience. Post-graduate opportunities. Research and innovation. Alumni engagement. And so much more. 

At Equifax, we help you do all of it better by giving you a foundation of verified data and insights to better understand graduate outcomes and power your go-forward strategies throughout the educational journey—from recruitment and enrollment through fundraising, compliance and beyond.

Key Benefits

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Exclusive Insights

Build robust profiles of your students and graduates with differentiated, multisource data spanning wealth, income, employment, lifestyles, household composition, financial durability, purchase and spending behaviors, and channel preferences. 

Versatile and Industry Focused

Access curated data sets for faster insights that support use cases such as recruitment prospecting, fundraising, institutional research, understanding your institution’s inclusivity and more.


Unlike self-provided survey data which can lack accuracy and reliability, our data is verified and comes from trusted sources so you can use it with confidence to inform important campaigns, strategies and research. 


No matter your data and analytic sophistication level, we can meet you where you are by providing batch data files and API integrations, as well as third-party access via Snowflake and direct access within our dynamic analytics ecosystem, Equifax Ignite®. 

Graduate Outcomes Use Cases

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Boost Enrollment: Prove Why You’re the Top Pick for New Students

Show prospective students why they should pick your school by spotlighting the value of your degree and programs. For this, use Graduate Outcomes data to prove your ability to help them achieve sought-after outcomes, including:
  • Getting recruited by top employers, Fortune 500 companies, and more.
  • Maintaining a degree-focused career track.
  • Earning above-average salaries.

Elevate the Student Experience and Improve Your Performance

With Graduate Outcomes, you can research your school’s strengths and weaknesses, validate or debunk assumptions, close knowledge gaps, and experiment with innovative ideas and programs.
  • Improve, expand, or create entirely new academic offerings and programs.
  • Bridge known and unknown inequities in student services and outcomes.
  • Intelligently pivot to offer new curricula and modes of learning.

Improve Alumni Programs and Fundraising: Increase Engagement by Personalizing your Outreach

Use Graduate Outcomes to model and segment alumni audiences based on specific financial features, attributes, and indicators for tailored strategies, targeted campaigns, and personalized messaging that yields higher response rates and deeper engagement.
  • Segment alumni based on lifestyle and estimated income to create financially tailored campaigns.
  • Promote job networking opportunities to recent grads or suggest virtual alumni meetings to those living in areas without a local alumni chapter.
  • Segment alumni based on their channel preferences. Longtime alumni may prefer phone calls, direct mailers, and letters, while younger grads might engage better via text and mobile apps.
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