Product Overview

FraudIQ® Manager is a web based, hosted, enterprise fraud management solution that helps identify potentially fraudulent activity before it impacts your business. The system matches applicant requests to a variety of data sources, including fraud scores, internal fraud data, and shared fraud data from other organizations that use FraudIQ Manager. Suspicious requests that may be application fraud are flagged and organized into queues for an analyst or investigator to follow up.

Who It's For

Chief Fraud Officer

Reduce fraud, protect company reputation

Head of Line of Business

Generate revenue, improve customer experience, minimize exposure to fraud

Chief Risk Officer

Maximize compliance, minimize fraud risk, protect company reputation


FraudIQ Manager includes:

  • Flexible, customizable rules engine
  • Fraud ring detection capabilities
  • Workflow management & reporting
  • Advanced linking and searching capabilities
  • Fraud data sharing within or outside of your organization

Identify Fraudulent Activity Before It Impacts Your Business

  • Analyze likely fraud threats and react in near real time to defuse them
  • See data in one place from across your organization and shared by other organizations 
  • Manage fraud rules and prioritize risk levels to help detect fraud sooner and reduce false positives
  • Match on previous applications and identified frauds in one search
  • Help uncover connections between seemingly unrelated data to detect fraud rings
  • Create and direct workflows to focus prevention resources where you need them most
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