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What Is FraudIQ Authenticate

FraudIQ Authenticate is a risk-based authentication platform that helps businesses confirm consumer identities and ensure online account applications and transactions are legitimate. The platform offers knowledge-based questions, passcodes, device recognition and facial matching as methods to authenticate consumers without disrupting the application experience.
​​​​​​​By flagging suspect transactions early, your business can stop potential identity fraud before it occurs.

Who It's For

Chief Fraud/Compliance Officer
Minimize fraud risk, maximize compliance and competitive advantage
Line of Business/Marketing Leader
Generate revenue, ensure compliance, maximize customer experience
Head of Operations
Avoid losses, manage external perception, maintain efficiency
Chief Security Officer/IT Leader
Manage online validation and authentication protocols, protect against data breaches
Product Sheet

FraudIQ Authenticate Questions

FraudIQ Authenticate Questions is one of the several authentication options that your business can use to authenticate an applicant's identity. Learn more about how this method serves up questions that only the applicant should be able to answer in this product sheet.

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Choose the Best Authentication Method for Your Business

Rather than relying on just one type of authentication method, your business has the ability waterfall the most relevant and effective method for a given transaction. Choose a passive approach with behind-the-scenes device recognition, or take a more up-front route with knowledge-based questions for riskier transactions. Reduce the cost of fraud, protect your reputation and minimize customer friction with FraudIQ Authenticate.

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