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Engage with Consumers Who Want to Save More

Engage with Consumers Who Want to Save More

February 11, 2019 | Lyra Hankins

Did you know one of the most common New Year's resolutions is to save more money? If you're a marketer with a financial firm, you may be asking how to connect with these so-called savers. This question can be answered in two parts:

  • First, firms must find audiences that have this goal.
  • Second, marketers need to communicate how their products and services can help consumers save more.

Start with the Audience

Some consumers, by nature, consider themselves to be savers. If you could examine the financial profile of each U.S. household, you'd find some that save a good chunk of their income, avoid risky equities (no high-risk stocks for this bunch), and have low credit utilization. But financial marketers don’t have the ability to peer into the coffers of consumers’ financial lives. As a result, it might be tricky to find these households.

Fortunately, Financial Cohorts segmentation makes it easier. It identifies two clusters of mass affluent consumers that would be characterized as a saver. Conveniently, financial institutions can quickly reach these audiences by leveraging cluster-specific digital targeting segments that enable online, social and mobile campaigns.

What message might you serve to savers? Perhaps upcoming promotions for high interest money market accounts and CDs. Or services offering financial advice about how to grow their portfolio while still minimizing risk. Fortunately, there are millions of consumers that consider themselves savers – a huge opportunity for financial institutions.

For example, Millennials may have the goal to save more in 2019. For this generation, financial marketers might want to seek out Millennials with high income. These young households may want advice on how much to save for:

  • emergency funds
  • big expenses that may occur down the road
  • and retirement

Additionally, you may want to engage this audience through a series of mobile ads.

Who Else Might Want to Save More?

Consider who else should have the goal of saving more. How about those with high levels of credit card debt? Or consumers who revolve their credit card bills from month to month or are likely to be card balance transfer candidates? Consequently, they might appreciate advice on paying off their credit cards and ending the charge-it cycle. Or you may want to run online ads about how your brand can help them manage their credit -- and ultimately, save more. Additionally, online banking tools and monthly reminders can help consumers achieve their goal to save more in the New Year.

Learn more about how Digital Targeting Segments can help you reach consumers who want to save more.

Lyra Hankins

Lyra Hankins

Director, Sr. Product Marketing , Data-driven Marketing

Lyra Hankins is a Product Marketing Sr. Director for Data-driven Marketing solutions at Equifax. Her career experience in marketing roles in technology companies gives her a broad perspective on Marketing and software/data solutions. Having worked on a variety of cutting-edge technologies over the years, she is excited[...]