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Make the Most of the B2B Marketplace

Today's business world is competitive, and companies in the B2B marketplace aim to understand prospects and customers. And, they want to do it efficiently. However, with 33M+ active small businesses in the U.S. and 5M+ new applications submitted every year, this is becoming harder to do.¹ By using commercial data from Equifax, you can make the most of the B2B landscape. (1. Source: Small Business Administration)

Success in navigating this complicated landscape is the ability to turn data into actionable insights across the commercial journey. Leverage Equifax solutions to better identify market opportunities, confidently extend credit and services while managing risk, and up-sell / cross-sell to existing portfolio.

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6 Ways Equifax Can Help Deliver for your Commercial Customers

Make Smarter Decisions

Commercial Data
Gain greater visibility into commercial accounts by leveraging one of the most comprehensive data sets in the U.S.

Identify Market Opportunity

Unify and harmonize data across the organization to improve prospecting and segmentation of B2B accounts.

Target the Right Customers
B2bConnect Plus

Improved targeted marketing efforts with extensive firmographics and payments data.

Extend Commercial Credit
OneScore for Commercial

Increase the predictability of default on your commercial accounts with a comprehensive delinquency score.

Manage Fraud and Risk
Business Verification Solution

Reduce the potential risk of fraud by confirming the legitimacy of a business and business owners.

Upsell / Cross-Sell Accounts

Absolute Probability of Default 
Identify portfolio risk, assess key segments and analyze existing customer base, to make agile and informed business decisions.

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What Can We Help You Do?

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Who We Serve

Commercial Lenders
Identify new opportunities, assess risk, and extend credit to more small businesses. 
Communications Providers
Ensure data quality across the business and verify businesses before establishing new accounts.
Payment Providers
Identify new merchant accounts and assess the risk of increased chargebacks.
Industry Partners
Provide the ability to respond to industry shifts with data and analytics that better serve your customers.
Credit Trends

Stay up-to-date on market shifts and trends

In today’s expanding market having access to current and accurate business data is important to stay ahead of the competition. Let Equifax help you:

  • Evaluate potential signs of future economic growth or decline

  • Identify early signals of changes in GDP

  • Review a snapshot of the future to help determine changes in corporate policy

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Equifax Commercial Data

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