Equifax Government Solutions can help government agencies increase efficiency and deliver on their mission. We offer the data, insights, and tools to help reduce costs, minimize risk, and streamline the customer experience.

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Unrivaled Data

Our data solutions are based on comprehensive information from a variety of sources, some of which are exclusive to Equifax. We offer a variety of data sources such as:
  • Employment
  • Income
  • Financial assets
  • Telecommunications and utility payments
  • Property
  • Vehicle
  • Incarceration status
We're able to harness data from both archival and real-time sources, providing you with a breadth and depth of information that provides an up-to-date and detailed perspective on your applicants.

Solutions to Smooth Your Path

At Equifax, we don't stop at just providing incredibly robust data about benefit applicants via The Work Number®. We use advanced techniques and proprietary technology to offer in-depth analysis that can help in all aspects or areas of your business. This enables us to share customized insights for decision-making enhancements, process improvements, and more, whether this be for social benefit processing or other functions of your agency. 

Our data-driving solutions support areas including: 
  • Identity validation 
  • income verification
  • eligibility and continued eligibility determinations
  • workforce management
We offer solutions that enable you to speed up, streamline, and automate processes, while helping ensure that you stay focused on your mission.  

Unparalleled Security

At Equifax, security isn’t an add-on or an afterthought — it’s part of our DNA. In addition, over the last few years, we’ve been in the process of making a $1.25 billion data, security, and technology transformation. Our goal is to continually provide our customers with the ultimate reassurance of industry-leading security.
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Experience Counts

We have decades of experience serving the public sector.

Who We Serve

Equifax currently provides solutions to major federal agencies as well as the majority of U.S. states and the District of Columbia. Our tools and insights support programs such as Medicaid/CHIP, SNAP, TANF, SSA, child support, workforce and housing agencies.

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