PGP File Encryption

PGP combines some of the best features of modern cryptography, including compression, digital signatures and public key encryption.

Equifax security mandates that all file submissions containing PII are PGP encrypted with a 2048+ bit key length.

Public Key Encryption

Public key cryptography is an encryption scheme that uses a pair of keys for encryption: a public key, which encrypts data, and a private key for decryption. To send encrypted data to us, you must download the public key and encrypt the file with that key.

The following steps are necessary to use PGP to encrypt files before sending to Equifax:

  • Obtain and install PGP software (see or for more information on compatible software products)
  • Download the Equifax public keys from the links provided below.
  • Import each public key into your key ring and configure as follows:
    • Encrypting files sent to Equifax.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Equifax does not recommend any specific File Encryption Software. We do suggest, however, that its Trading Partners that are unfamiliar with PGP encryption choose a software package that has its own help desk that provides support for any technical issues.

You are now ready to begin encrypting your data files. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Compression is built into the encryption
  • Issued keys will expire every 1 year, note the reference expiration date and time.
  • The previous version of keys available on this WebPage will expire. If you are using the previous version of our key, please note that it will expire and stop working and should be updated.


Download Latest Public Key (New Version, 2048 bit)

amlconnect_public_key_uat_2024 - UAT - Expires 2024-10-24, 11:59 PM ET

amlconnect_public_key_prod_2024 - PRODUCTION- Expires 2024-10-29, 11:59 PM ET

Download 2023 Public Key (Current Version, 2048 bit)

amlconnect_public_key_uat_2023 - UAT - Expires 2023-10-16, 11:59 PM ET

amlconnect_public_key_prod_2023 - PRODUCTION- Expires 2023-10-25, 11:59 PM ET