What if a minor child's credit report already exists in the Equifax system at the time of enrollment in the Family Plan product?

Most minors under 18 do not have credit reports. If we find one exists for a minor you're attempting to add to your Family Plan product, you'll need to send in verification documents proving legal guardianship of the minor before you can add them to your Family Plan.

Send the following to the address below:

  • a letter explaining that the minor child may be a victim of identity theft

  • a copy of the minor child’s social security number card or letter/form from the Social Security Administration

  • a copy of the minor child’s birth certificate

  • a copy of their driver's license or other government-issued proof of their identity, which includes their current address

Equifax Address: 
Equifax Information Services
P.O. Box 105139
Atlanta, Georgia 30374

Note: Once Equifax receives this information, a search for the minor’s social security number will be made

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