What type of support can I expect with Equifax® Identity Restoration?

Each consumer is assigned a dedicated restoration specialist who will assess the facts of the case to determine eligibility and the type and nature of the identity theft that has occurred. The restoration specialist will collect a claims kit from you. The claims kit includes a limited power of attorney that authorizes your restoration specialist to work with creditors, the IRS, merchants, banks and other third parties on your behalf.  

Examples of the support you may expect from your dedicated Identity Restoration Specialist:

  • Provides assistance in placing a 7 year extended fraud alert and security freeze with each of the nationwide credit bureaus
  • Helps you complete and file a Federal Trade Commission Identity Theft report and police report
  • Assists  with ordering credit reports from the three nationwide credit bureaus
  • Educates you about  the restoration process
  • Obtains additional information that is necessary to proceed with the restoration process.
  • Mediates calls with necessary third parties.  

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