How Equifax Accelerated its Leadership in Cybersecurity in 2021

March 24, 2022

EQUIFAX HAS ACCELERATED ITS LEADERSHIP IN SECURITY over the last year. The company expanded its top-tier cloud security to include automated validation and monitoring; fortified its digital supply chain with greater detail, speed, and innovation; strengthened its global risk posture; enhanced its employee security training; and engaged with stakeholders around the world to help others prepare for and defend against emerging threats. 

“We are committed to being a leader in cybersecurity and to continuously raising the bar to out-smart, out-work and out-innovate cyber criminals. Few companies have dedicated more time and resources into ensuring that consumer information is protected,” said Jamil Farshchi, Chief Information Security Officer of Equifax, who recently released the company’s 2021 Security Annual Report.

The Report shows that, for a second-consecutive year, the maturity of Equifax’s cybersecurity program exceeded every major industry benchmark, according to a leading global research and advisory firm. Additionally, a leading cybersecurity reporting service found that Equifax’s security posture ranked in the top 1% of Technology and Financial Services companies analyzed.

The Report also highlights the impact of EFX Security in 2021:

  • 35M+ Cyber threats defended against on average each day

  • 370,000+ Simulations conducted to test the global workforce in security

  • 11,000+ Employees received personalized security training

  • 1000+ Deep-dive analyses conducted on critical digital supply chain partners

  • 800+ Organizations supported through Equifax Breach Services

  • 160+ Automated cloud security checks monitored in real time

  • 150+ Equifax products securely brought to market

  • 25+ Industry forums participated in to tackle global cyber challenges

  • 20 Certifications obtained from outside auditors

In recent years, Equifax has taken unprecedented steps to transform its security program across every level. The company invested $1.5 billion to rebuild its security and technology systems from the ground up; built a $7.3 million Cyber Fusion Center that supports 24/7 detection and response; and hired more than 600 highly-skilled cybersecurity professionals to protect consumer data.