Equifax Expands Cybersecurity, Cloud Education Partnerships in Costa Rica

March 01, 2024

To boost the country’s cybersecurity, innovation and cloud computing educational programs, Equifax has recently signed agreements with government agencies in Costa Rica, collaborating on various subjects, including cybersecurity and cloud computing education.

In January, Equifax and the Ministry of Science, Innovation, Technology and Telecommunications (MICITT) signed an agreement to boost the country’s cybersecurity, innovation and digital skills capacity at both the institutional and national levels. The new collaboration enables the sharing of Indicators of Compromise (IOCs), the digital and informational "clues'' used by incident responders to detect, diagnose, halt, and remediate malicious activity in their networks, fostering a better understanding of cyber threats. This collaboration will help strengthen cybersecurity at all levels. 

In February, the Costa Rican Commission for the Implementation of the National Framework of Qualifications approved the inclusion of a new cloud skills standard as part of the educational system. This has been the result of collaboration between the Costa Rican public sector organizations and expert private sector organizations, led by Equifax. Under this new standard, any technical schools in Costa Rica will be able to develop programs on cloud skills.

The new cloud skills standard encompasses five major areas of competencies related to configuration and administration of services in the cloud:

  • Tools and programing scripts

  • Automation

  • Configuration of environments

  • Virtual networks and services

  • Resource management in the cloud 

Equifax has invested more than $1.5 billion to undertake a complete technology transformation. As the foundation of the business, the Equifax Cloud delivers unparalleled access to data and insights. 

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