Partnering with Costa Rican Government to Offer Nationwide Cybersecurity Training

December 08, 2023

TO HELP EMBED SECURITY INTO THE DNA OF ALL COSTA RICAN CITIZENS, Equifax partnered with the Costa Rican National Training Institute and Ministry of Technology to launch a free nationwide virtual training course on best practices for everyday digital security.

The course showed how basic practices — like creating strong passwords and not clicking suspicious links — help protect what matters most in our lives. It was delivered with support from the Costa Rica Cybersec Cluster, a public-private initiative that Equifax helped found, aimed at strengthening the cybersecurity and emerging technologies market and talent pipeline.

Why it matters

With most successful cyber attacks resulting from human error, every person — not just government workers and corporate employees — plays a role in keeping our companies and communities cybersecure. That’s why Equifax promotes cybersecurity at every level: from individuals to enterprises. And it’s why we believe that more communication, more collaboration, and more transparency, equals stronger security.

This training is only one of many ways we’re helping bolster cybersecurity across Costa Rica. Other ways include: 

Building the cyber talent pipeline: We’ve helped develop cybersecurity certificates for 43 technical high schools in Costa Rica, and we’re helping develop a master’s degree in cybersecurity for Costa Rica’s Institute of Technology.

Championing partnerships: Equifax Deputy Chief Information Security Officer Russ Ayres joined the United States Ambassador to Costa Rica and other business and government leaders at Costa Rica’s 2023 Cybersec Summit, where he delivered a keynote address on how global partnerships should underpin organizations’ cybersecurity strategies. 

Offering deep dives: Equifax recently led a virtual webinar on identity and access management (IAM) best practices for employees from central government, public academia, public banking and local government organizations.

To learn more, check out our Security Annual Report — page 9 includes a spotlight on how we’re collaborating with vendors, government agencies and other stakeholders to make the global ecosystem more cybersecure, including Latin America.