At Fintech South, Equifax CTO calls Cloud Transformation a Game Changer


Joining entrepreneurs, regulators, executives, and influencers from around the world, Equifax Chief Technology Officer Bryson Koehler spoke at 2020 Fintech South.

Hosted by the Technology Association of Georgia, Koehler spoke alongside leaders from Invesco, NCR, Truist, PayPal, Mastercard, Google, Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, and others, about the insights, innovations, and trends that will fuel tomorrow's financial tech industry.

One of the biggest enablers for Fintech, Koehler discussed, is the cloud. 

“Equifax operates around the world, bringing data together and helping individuals and businesses find the insights they need to make smarter decisions,” said Koehler. The importance of delivering those insights, he discussed, was a driving force behind the company’s cloud technology transformation -- the largest investment in Equifax’s history and a critical enabler to future-proofing our company. 

“The cloud is a game changer for our customers,” said Koehler

“When you think about the challenges businesses face… a lot of those challenges are caused by the breadth of technology that most enterprises around the world have built up over time,” added Koehler. “There are different eras and vintages of capability and software.... That creates real challenges for agility, speed, cost, and everything else. It’s hard to automate when everything is different.”

Now, with its new secure cloud technology enabled, Koehler and his team can help customers solve complex business challenges faster than ever and deliver an unparalleled customer experience.