Measure your share of wallet and find opportunity with total household invested assets estimates

Product Overview

WealthComplete Premier provides estimates of total assets at the household level, based on the estimated total liquid financial assets held by all U.S. households. It is available exclusively for use by IXI Network Member Firms.

WealthComplete Premier is best used for share of wallet opportunity analysis, asset allocation analysis and targeting potential prospects in both offline and online applications.

Key Benefits

  • Enables financial services firms to better understand customer financial potential and share of wallet, plus target high-potential prospects
  • Provides dollar estimates of total assets at the household-level informed by our direct measurement of anonymous invested retail assets
  • Offers insight on customers' likely investment product allocation and deposit product preferences
  • Allows firms to better identify super-affluent households ($25+ million in invested assets)
  • Offers a compliance-friendly solution for asset and deposit gathering
  • Developed for use in non-FCRA applications across the customer lifecycle


Applying WealthComplete Premier to Your Business

  • Identify and target customers by their likely financial potential and by the amount of assets they hold at your firm
  • Analyze each customer's portfolio and better understand your share by product category
  • Promote products and services which are likely to be desired and needed by customers and prospects
  • Better prioritize customers who contact your call centers and gauge current customer loyalty
  • Find clients and prospects with the most likely growth potential
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