Product Overview

MarketVision™ for Securities provides peer group analysis for financial services firms offering brokerage services and direct-marketed mutual funds. It is available to IXI Network Member Firms only.

Firms can use this product to calculate the likely size, growth, share, and change in share of any standard or customized geographic area in the U.S. It is best used for market sizing and share vs. peer group, territory and branch planning, brand and category development, and sales force management.

Key Benefits

MarketVision for Securities leverages directly measured assets to enable tracking of market size and share vs. peer group and identification of growing markets. Developed for use in non-FCRA applications, this product can help your firm better locate hot markets and optimize marketing programs and sales management. 

Applying MarketVision for Securities to Your Business

  • Identify consumer demand for any investment product and product category
  • Determine the regions where direct sales resources should be allocated
  • Calculate the size, growth, share, and change in share of any geographic area in the U.S.
  • Assess firm performance in capturing new accounts and compare performance to a competitor
  • Enhance branch planning and sales force management
  • Fine-tune marketing campaigns and offers for securities products
  • Compare firm performance to competitors

Comprehensive Competitive Analytics to Improve Share

Unlike other market assessment systems that use survey or other estimation techniques, MarketVision for Securities reports directly measured consumer financial assets. MarketVision for Securities data is based on approximately $24 trillion of directly measured assets submitted by our network of the nation’s leading financial institutions. Data is used by many of the largest U.S. financial firms for peer group analysis and market sizing. All figures are updated two times per year.

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Connect with our sales team and discover how this product can meet your business needs.

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