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Our sophisticated data tools help investors and market participants assess portfolio risk, predict customer behavior, and comply with KYC and other regulations.


Our Capabilities

We can help you manage portfolios, comply with regulations, and make better decisions.

Unique, Enhanced Data for Investors in Capital Markets

Assessing risk and managing portfolios is no easy task for investors. You need reliable data for a wide range of priorities, such as predicting delinquency, default, and prepayment, as well as valuing securities and understanding broader market trends.    

That's where Equifax comes in. We provide the most up-to-date trended and traditional borrower credit data, income and employment information, and property value information available to help you make better decisions. Our rich data assets and advanced analytics work to give leaders in capital and secondary markets clear visibility into portfolio risk.  

Data Tools for Compliance, Account Takeover Prevention, and Marketing

We know that brokerage companies must comply with certain KYC, CIP, and EDD regulatory requirements. Our solutions can help you verify consumer identities and perform due diligence checks to meet those compliance needs. We help make sure you know you’re doing business with the right people, and that your customers are really who they say they are.

Our powerful data tools can also assist with account monitoring, account takeover prevention, and customer segmentation and targeting. No matter what your biggest concern or need, we’re equipped to help.

What Can We Help You Do?


Analytic Dataset

Analytic Dataset is a tool that gives investors and other secondary market participants access to key borrower-level data in an anonymous and non-aggregated format. This data helps them better model delinquency, default, loss severity and prepayment.

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