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As a global data, analytics, and technology company, exploration and innovation are imperative to our success. Our innovative technologies help drive Equifax products and solutions forward so that our customers and consumers can make critical decisions with greater confidence.

Many Equifax innovative technologies are patented or patent pending. The list of patents below may not be all inclusive. 

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Equifax believes that artificial intelligence and machine learning should be explainable, fair and sound for business use.  To that end, Equifax created technology centered  around monotonically constrained machine learning models that are able to generate logical and actionable reason codes for the consumer.

We employ prescriptive AI, deep analytics and innovative machine learning techniques to help our customers grow their business while also meeting strict compliance and regulatory requirements.

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Gaining a better knowledge of who you are doing business with is a key to reducing operational, financial and reputational risk. Equifax has long been recognized as a leader in Authentication beginning with its patented knowledge-based authentication technology and more recent advances focusing on a more secure and efficient customer-centric experience.

Leveraging our consumer identity and behavioral data, businesses have visibility into their customers at the point of interaction.

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Equifax is committed to creating better tools for the commercial credit market. Our innovative technology includes solutions to help customers access and leverage our combined data assets that cover millions of businesses in the U.S. in order to deliver one of the most complete credit and differentiated datasets in the market. Our combined capabilities help our commercial customers grow their business while better managing risk.

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The global Equifax team is united by a singular purpose: helping people live their financial best. Access to credit, financial literacy and identity protection are all foundational to our shared purpose. Innovative consumer offerings like Equifax Complete™ are geared to help people on their individual financial journeys.

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Equifax customers use entity resolution to find and confirm identities and to better understand customers and their relationships through connected data points.  Entity Resolution technology developed at Equifax incorporates the latest data protection features, encrypted search and match, and compliance controls to ensure data security and privacy. 

The net result is the ability to help our customers make better, faster and more informed identity-based decisions.

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The battle lines against tech-savvy fraudsters are constantly being redrawn. Equifax Identity and Fraud technologies leverage data, analytics and technology to validate the risk involved in customer interactions  in real-time.

The combination of behavioral biometrics, identity data and machine learning can help businesses to see patterns that help to mitigate risk while creating an exceptional customer experience for consumers.

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The underlying technology at Equifax requires innovations in data and analytics using multiple, highly regulated data sources to deliver new algorithms, mapped relationships and unique insights that were never before possible.  Innovations in technology for ingesting, matching, keying, and linking data and for modeling and decisioning help customers build and test attributes faster, speed model development from multiple months to days, and edit decision rules in a web-based environment.

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We embed security into everything we do – from our technology infrastructure, data fabric, and product development, to our merger and acquisition strategies and employee training. 

When it comes to securing our enterprise, we are committed to constantly raising the bar and you can see that in our innovations relating to encryption, data loss prevention, and secure platforms.  In multiple independent ratings, our security capabilities now exceed every major industry benchmark.

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