VINE: Empowering Crime Victims with Information

May 12, 2022

IN SEPTEMBER 2021, Equifax announced the acquisition of Appriss Insights (“Insights”), a leading provider of people-based risk and criminal justice intelligence. 

As the nation’s most comprehensive, trusted source of criminal justice intelligence, Insights provides breakthrough data and analytics solutions that help government agencies and commercial enterprises improve community safety and reduce people-based risk. Insights also operates VINE, the most advanced, widely used system for crime victim and survivor notification. 

VINE is relied upon by millions of citizens throughout the United States every day for information on offender custody status provided directly from incarceration facilities. It is an indispensable resource for victims of intimate partner violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, cyberstalking, and other crimes, providing life-saving information and peace of mind. 

Equifax is supportive of the VINE mission and the positive impact that the network has on the lives of crime victims. Learn more about VINE by visiting the Insights blog, and see the informative infographic about intimate partner violence recently published by the Insights team.