Stronger Together: One Year of Achievements with Midigator, an Equifax Company

August 30, 2023

ONE YEAR AGO, Equifax completed its acquisition of Midigator, complementing the Kount payment fraud solution and further enhancing the company’s end-to-end chargeback management capabilities. 

“From the outset, our decision to acquire Midigator was driven by a strategic vision: to provide businesses the tools and differentiated data assets they need to better manage fraud across the digital customer journey,” said Brad Wiskirchen, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Equifax Digital Solutions. 

Here are some additional highlights from the last year since welcoming Midigator to the Equifax team. 

New capabilities to help prevent fraud across the entire customer journey

Fraud is an issue impacting almost every industry, including retail, restaurants, and financial services, among others. And with the exponential growth rate of consumers opting to purchase and set up accounts via digital channels, this makes fraudulent activity even more of a threat. As a result, businesses are under constant pressure to provide consistent and secure online experiences. 

Immediately following the close of the Midigator acquisition, Equifax began working to integrate capabilities to help businesses leverage both Kount pre-authorization and Midigator post-authorization technology and data – with a goal of enabling customers to enhance the consumer experience while protecting and recovering revenue.   

Data analysis has always been a crucial part of chargeback management. But now, it’s even more important than ever as businesses have to accurately determine why chargebacks are happening so they can solve problems at the source, which led to the development of the new Kount pre-dispute management solution. The solution helps streamline the process and gives businesses more visibility into the nature of transactions.  

An award-winning combination 

Clients and partners alike recognize the Equifax Digital Solutions commitment to protecting and enhancing their business, resulting in the TrustRadius top-rated company awards for Midigator solutions in two categories: chargeback management and fraud detection. To earn a Top Rated Award, the vendor must demonstrate excellent customer satisfaction and proven credibility. 

Through advanced technological innovation, strong integration and collaborative teamwork, we have achieved milestones that strengthen our position as industry leaders. “As we move ahead in this ever-evolving digital identity and fraud landscape, the acquisition of Midigator has equipped us to further differentiate our offerings and provide solutions that enable our customers to reduce risk, operate efficiently, and grow,” said Adam Gunther, Chief Product Officer of Equifax Digital Solutions. “Our investment and success over the past year stands as a testament to our ability to adapt and lead in an environment where security and trust are paramount.” 

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