Kount Expands to LATAM to Help Companies Fight Fraud

August 04, 2023

FRAUD IS AN UNFORTUNATE REALITY that costs businesses billions of dollars every year. According to a Global Fraud Report, 3.5% of all e-commerce transactions in Latin America during 2021 were fraud attempts, higher than the global average of 2.6%. This is where Kount can step in and offer protection. 

Kount, an Equifax Company, offers fraud management, identity verification and online authentication technology for digital businesses. The company recently expanded its footprint in Latin America, offering its award-winning services to companies.

One customer is Cineplanet, the leading cinema chain in South America. Cineplanet’s director, Juan Duffoo, explains how he uses Kount to protect its e-commerce platform against digital fraud and chargebacks.

“Today we have more transactions from our digital channels than from face-to-face channels. So we are permanently focused on generating better functionalities and implementing better technologies so that these digital channels bring a superior experience to our customers. This also includes payment methods. The payment options are a part of the digital customer’s experience, that’s why we’ve added Kount to this experience as anti-fraud, we feel we are working in a better way,” Duffoo said. 

Duffoo said Kount helped reduce Cineplanet’s fraud cases by 98 percent and takes on seven percent more transactions than its previous tool.


Another key partner for Kount includes the bank association of Paraguay that recently signed a multi-year contract with Kount to protect the financial ecosystem. Kount’s tools help protect wire transfers from phishing attacks. The tools help prevent fraud in the preauthorization stage so that customers don't have to spend additional money in the complicated and complex legal process of appealing the fraudulent transfer. 

Kount has also teamed up with the Chile-based Sky Airlines, which is one of the top five airlines in LATAM. Kount helped the airline transform their e-commerce from just a payment website into a holistic customer journey where customers can create new accounts, use their digital wallet and acquire airline tickets with reduced friction and the highest standard of security for their consumers.

Finally, Kount has helped the Argentinean-based payment gateway Pagos360 speed up expansion in the market by reducing fraud to less than 0.06 percent, and reducing software costs by moving from multiple solutions and a highly manual process to an automated process within a single tool. 

Learn more about Kount’s award-winning fraud prevention tools HERE